Paul Bazelaire composed about a hundred works for

- orchestra
- choirs: Psalms XXIV and XCIX "Jesus before Pilate", liturgical drama
- piano: Toccatas, Preludes and Fugues, Ballades, Lieder, Chase, Scherzos    etc..
- chamber music: "Grecian Suite" on popular themes for two flutes, oboe, violin,
two celli, viola and harp
- chant: "The Hummingbird", "The Night's Golden Eyes", "Trip-tic", "Villanelle"etc.
- harp: "fantaisiestück",
- violin, cello: "French Suite", "Chinese Lullaby", "Aria",
  "Rhapsody"," Sicilienne and Finale", "Variations on a naive song",
  "Yamilé", "Burlesque", "Hint-hunt" etc..
- organ

He realized as well many transcriptions.

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